World Trip 1999-2000: Day 54 – New York City to Boston, USA

Sunday 2 January 2000
Leaving the amazing New York City (sob)

We were moved into a private room for our last night in New York hoping for some rest from the larger comings and goings of the bunk rooms but unfortunately we were across from the TV room so that didn’t turn out as planned.

We were in luck at the bus station and caught a Peter Pan bus just as it was about to leave, much cleaner than the Greyhound buses and with a good movie on the screen (Zorro).  The bus ride gave me a good chance to reflect on our time in New York City over the past eleven days.  In many ways it exceed my high expectations and is clearly a place of culture and even adventure, I think I’ve fallen in love and will be back.

I know Jon wasn’t impressed with our hostel but it didn’t really impact me, well okay people making so much noise at 3 am in the morning while they were in the dorm room was very cool.  But hey it was very cheap and they didn’t put up they prices for the Christmas / New Years period unlike everywhere else that was crazy.  Yes we had to move rooms a bit but at least we didn’t end up on the street!

We arrived in Boston ahead of schedule and basically got the last rooms.  We ended up in different dorms, Jon sacrificed himself and opted for the mixed dorm while I got the males only dorm.  Thanks Jon 🙂

We both made a pledge to avoid fast food in the coming weeks.

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