World Trip 1999-2000: Day 44 – New York City, USA

Thursday 23 December 1999
: State of Liberty, Ice-Skating at Rockefeller Centre

Today I got to climb the Statue of Liberty. We had to get up very early to ensure access but given we were in a room with 12 others sleeping in wasn’t really an option anyway 🙂

While the view from the top of the Statue is not really worth the 2 hours it takes to get to the top (big crowds) since the head faces the ocean, the view from the base is outstanding. I think I got some good photos but even better memories.

Later while walking around Chinatown and little Italy I realised you can literally buy anything here, including videos to movies that haven’t even been released yet!

Next up was a visit to Rockefeller Centre in Midtown to watch the public ice-skating which is awesome public event. Then it was onto Times Square. It’s hard to describe the overwhelming lights, smells and mass of people. Should be an amazing New Year’s Eve in a few days.

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