World Trip 1999-2000: Day 42 – Washington DC to New York City, USA

Tuesday 21 December 1999
: The White House, Arriving in New York City

We visited the White House today, lining up for about 2 hours standing next to this neo-Nazi Canadian (I know hard to imagine).

I did caused my own security scare when I accidentally bought a bottle of sauce into the White House. Set of a lot of alarms, I must have been gunning to poison the President Clinton! More likely it helped out the staff for their lunch break.

Although the White House was great, I mean being in a place with some much important history over the past century is very cool, but it was too short for a 2 hour wait. Afterwards we headed off for the Lincoln Memorial but it was closed, have to visit next time in the area.

After a short tour of the Holocaust Museum it was off to the bus, Peter Pan this time, and away to New York. New York City is unbelievably large. Getting in at 7.15 pm the lights were shining and people were everywhere. My first subway experience worked out and we still found the hostel but worryingly still only have accommodation to 26 December. Millennium in New York might be on the street!


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