World Trip 1999-2000: Day 38 Orlando, USA

Friday 17 December 1999
: Buzz Lightyear (Magic Kingdom), Shuttle launch postponed 😦

A very overcast morning so the launch wasn’t looking very good. However we still hoping for luck when we set of to the Magic Kingdom.

I think I found today I am too old for Disney’s Magic Kingdom as I found it mostly boring. The Water Rapids was okay and the Buzz Lightyear ride was very good. To tell the truth we probably would have left early even without the launch waiting, especially after it rained (we left our raincoats at the hostel – DOH).

Eventually we went out to the Shuttle launch and waited in the rain, hoping for a break in the weather against hope. This was wasted hope since the launch was postponed again. The ‘Sunbury 5’ all lost money on our gamble this would go ahead. Disappointing as it would have been a highlight instead we wasted $30.

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