World Trip 1999-2000: Day 32 –Nashville to Savannah, USA

Saturday 11 December 1999
Riverside Walk

Our bus arrived into Savannah around 4 am, the comfit of the trip wasn’t helped by a having a really stupid American lady talking non stop though the night 😦  We waited at the bus station until the hostel opened at 7 am.  It turned out we were lucky as officially the hostel was closed but the caretaker let us stay for the weekend.  This allow us to finally wash our clothes after 8 days, which was probably 2 days too long to go.

We walked about this lovely town and along the riverside which was charming.  Better yet we found a Pat O’Brien’s Pub and slowly drank and enjoyed a well earned Guineas.  This town seems to be the nicest and cleanest please we have stayed in so far.

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