World Trip 2009-2010: Day 23 – Santa Cruz, Brazil

The night train trip went well; they even served a mail which was of fair quality. Kelly seemed to sleep well curled up like a cat in the opposite seat; I believe Andrew and Gareth played Mario Kart on the DS consoles. We checked into our new hotel and this time Martin joined me and Andrew as a roommate. The showers were very welcome especially since I hadn’t had a shower yesterday or put another way 38 hours later I needed a shower! David took us on a walk to the main square and we enjoyed an English breakfast, I gave Kelly my coffee. From here we went shopping, for a short time Karen, Kelly and Shrina thought they had found some great bargains in a dress shop but it turned out they charged in US dollars not Bolivian 🙂 During our shopping adventure Kelly sent me into a shop to buy a Monopoly board game for us to play on Christmas. Kelly had already tried to get the price down from 30 BS (Bolivian) to 25 BS, when I tried I got sent out of the shop, never get an Australian male to bargain I suppose!

After this shopping trip both Andrew and myself were very happy to try out some local ice cream (very nice on a hot day) and we run into Emma, Gareth and Martin. With the group back together we went back to the square and an Irish Pub for some late lunch and a few beers. I even learned a new game called coins from Gareth. We went out for a final dinner with David and ate some fine Bolivian food (I had a beef dish, Andrew went for chicken). David and Gareth explained the history of Cuba and why I should go there next. After dinner we went to a night club, ‘Club Zero’ they tried to rip us off on our VIP lounge entry charge so we just went into the general section. I managed to destroy Martin and Karen’s drinks by knocking the table, maybe 5 beers was my limit. After dancing a little (yes Kelly pulled me onto the floor) I left with Emma and Gareth (who was having problems with his ankle). Andrew, Martin and a giggling Karen showed up around 3 am from memory. Andrew is certainly enjoying the local beers and dancing.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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