World Trip 2009: Day 1 – Melbourne to San Francisco, USA

Starting with a flight leaving Melbourne at 10.15 am local time and knowing I had to drive to San Francisco from Los Angeles on arrival I knew today would be a very long one indeed.  The start was great, at checkin I was upgraded to Premium economy.

My mum (Helen) who is with my for the USA part of this trip ended up getting an aisle seat back in economy so a very good start indeed. We checked out both the First and Business class lounges, I particularly liked the breakfast and the organic orange juice.

The flight was very good as well (for a 13 hour flight!). I enjoyed watching 5 movies:
Frost / Nixon (excellent)
Marley & Me (funny at times …. I must admit to a few tears up a little at the end)
The Day The Earth Stood Still (Keanu Reeves playing an alien with limited understanding of emotions makes sense -:) not great but watchable).
Mall Cop (very weak)

I forget the other one 😦  I also watched some family guy. The extra room in Premium Economy was good but given it was the middle of the day back home I didn’t really sleep, maybe getting about 60 minutes maximum. After some problems at customs (I hate the finger printing and mug shot they do these days) and a shock about the car rental (double price once insurance is added) we headed off to San Francisco.

The drive started around 9.15 am local USA time (still on the Friday) and finished at 5.05 pm. So just short of 8 hours, back home it was 10 am in the morning so I’d basically stay up 28 odd hours with the last 8 of then driving! The good thing was it forced me to get over the jetlag. We eventually went to sleep around 9 pm local time (32 hours awake).

BTW the price of food in USA is about the same as in Australia i.e. value meal would cost $6.95 AUD will cost $6.95 USD but unfortunately the currency conversion kills you. To have the same purchasing power our dollar should be at about $0.98 cents US (like it was Sept last year), the fact they keep printing more money says our dollar should go up, we’ll see.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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